How to make your business secure, vigilant, and resilient

As consumer businesses use emerging technologies to redefine the customer experience, they find that these technologies also create perils—especially around cyber risk. New study are designed to help consumer businesses avoiding dangers.

Innovative technologies are helping to fuel an unprecedented rise in consumer expectations. For today’s businesses, harnessing emerging technologies in order to redefine products, services, and consumer experiences is often the new cost of doing business. Technology investment, however, can drive more than just profit potential. Widespread initiatives around customer analytics, cloud integration, connected devices, and digital payment technology are likely leaving businesses increasingly exposed to cyber threats.

New study are designed to help consumer businesses engage their senior leadership teams and boards in deeper conversations on how to make their businesses secure, vigilant, and resilient. Applying lessons learned from this study can help businesses:

Be secure: Take a measured, risk-based approach to what is secured and how to secure it. This includes managing cyber risks as a team and increasing preparedness by building cyber risk management strategies in the enterprise and emerging technologies as they are deployed.

Be vigilant: Monitor systems, applications, people, and the outside environment to detect incidents more effectively. This includes developing situational awareness and threat intelligence to understand harmful behavior and top risks to the organization, and actively monitoring the dynamic threat landscape.

Be resilient: Be prepared for incidents and decrease their business impact by improving organizational preparedness to address cyber incidents before they escalate. This also includes capturing lessons learned, improving security controls, and returning to business as usual as quickly as possible.

By using a combination of an online survey and in-depth interviews, we gathered opinions from over 400 chief information officers (CIOs), chief information security officers (CISOs), chief technology officers (CTOs), and other senior executives in the consumer products, retail, restaurant, and agribusiness sectors. This study gives you both an insight into the current risks and where to focus your efforts going forward.

Cyber risk in consumer business
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