Nordic Mobile Payment Report 2019

 Chasing Cashless

The Nordic payment market has over the last decades been dominated by cards. Cards are still the main payment instrument in the Nordics, but mobile payments are growing steadily. The growth is driven by smartphone penetration and the creation of customer centric mobile wallets making mobile payments more enticing to use.

Since the launch of the report three years ago, Nordics have become digital leaders within mobile payments and are seen as leaders in the race towards cashless societies. In the Nordics, the bank has played a vital and proactive role in changes in payment infrastructure. To better understand what has been happening since 2015, this report will look into the current payment situation in the Nordics before deep diving into how we use our mobile to shop and pay in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

About the data 

This report is based on primary research conducted of over 5000 Nordic respondents as well as interviews with industry experts.

The primary data is based on expert interviews and the Nordic data cut of Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey, a multi-country study of mobile phone users around the world. The 2018 study comprises 54 150 respondents across 35 countries and six continents, where of 5 010 respondents are based in the Nordics. Data cited in this report are based on a nationally representative sample of consumers aged 18-75 in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The sample follows a country specific quota on age, gender, region and socio-economic status. Fieldwork took place during July and August 2018 and was carried out online by Ipsos MORI, an independent research firm, based on a question set provided by Deloitte. Respondents: Finland 1000, Norway 1005, Sweden 2002, Denmark 1003.

The secondary research is done with publicly available sources like European Central Bank, articles and data from four Nordic central banks.

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