Grab'n Go 2020

Knowledge sessions that ensure success in a digital and limitless world.

Business digital. Business critical.

Virtual sessions that will ensure that you stay ahead of the game in a digital and limitless world

Digital transformation is no longer hype. It’s reality and it’s inevitable. Sign up for this series of inspirational sessions to grease your cogwheels and readjust your business in order to make it in a limitless world.

Data are gold, indisputably. But you need a digital mindset to unleash the potential of data – and perhaps even an entirely new way of working, thinking and operating. Our sessions will revolve around subjects that may unleash your digital potential, such as building new business models, strategies and partnerships.

Grab’n Go goes virtual

This season, Grab’n Go goes virtual, but we still intend to give you tangible insights ready to grab and go. Our finest experts will roll up their sleeves and ensure that you gain knowledge that can be translated into concrete growth and transformation strategies. This is all about solid know-how and best practices brought to you from our entire global network.

In this Grab’n Go series, we will explore how to align your organisation with your digital vision; how to establish responsive technology leadership and outperform competition; and how to effectively embed digital identity into cloud and selective SAP transformations. Also, we will focus on how a digital DNA at the core can help you unleash your organisation’s potential; how to make sure that your business continuity and crisis set-up is robust; and how to consolidate and automate business rules – reducing risks and the costs of IT changes.


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