22.09.20, 9:00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Blockchain and IoT

Future of supply chains

22.09.20, 9:00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Target group: CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, anyone with an influence on the technology selection of a business

An increasing demand for modern-day supply chains to cater to the customer has resulted in talks of ‘demand chains’, placing the customer at the centre of future supply chains by focusing on increased service and digitalisation through emerging technologies.

Over the past year, Deloitte NextGen has worked on several signature projects and publications within this space, working with Danish Crown to implement a blockchain-enabled traceability platform in China, entering a new IoT partnership with Wiliot (manufacturer of the battery-free Bluetooth sensors) and collaborating with the World Economic Forum on publishing a blockchain toolkit.

Key takeaways

Learn how to leverage blockchain to improve your value proposition in a new market: Danish Crown blockchain case in China

Understand the potential of battery-free, Bluetooth-enabled IoT technology: Deloitte’s IoT partnership with Wiliot

Get tools and guidance for development and deployment of blockchain solutions in supply chain: World Economic Forum blockchain toolkit collaboration


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