9 May l 9.00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Business organisational management

Network, process and flow

9 May l 9.00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Target group: COO, CIO, CPO

When business leaders manage people, they operate from a defined set of business units in a somewhat static and hierarchical set-up. The connections of operational trans-unit work groups and collaboration are not actively investigated. The question is: How does your organisation really work?

We will highlight a way to extract this information and analyse it in a comprehensive way from a modelled foundation. When sub-units are identified, the next question is: How are the processes running in each sub-unit?

We will show the strength of process mining and optimisation work by way of the popular Celonis tool. Finally, difficulties can be faced in the actual flow of tasks as for various reasons, there are both bottlenecks and even traffic jams in all organisations. Do you know the true maximal and sustainable workflow in your organisation?

We will employ modelling used in both real road traffic and laboratory flows to elucidate and inform.

Key takeaways

Organisational network analysis

Process mining and optimisation

Workflow analysis.


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