Business rules management

How to gain control of complex rules to create transparency and agility 

Target group: CFOs, CMOs, COOs, CIOs, people interested in digital transformation processes 

Modernising business rules management can help both public and private organisations reduce costs and risks and increase their business agility and ability to respond to change. 

This Grab’n Go session will explain the nature of business rules management, its benefits and how to get started. The session includes two cases that take advantage of a modern cloud-based platform with a low capex. 

1. Automation of salary checks based on complex rules 

2. Automation of tax calculations.

Key takeaways

How to consolidate and automate business rules - reducing risks and the costs of IT changes

How to let business rules engines put the business in the driver’s seat and facilitate fast and fact-based changes

Understanding the nature of the technology tools and how they work together with other automation tools, such as RPA

How to get started and test your business case on business rule management.