CPQ & Commerce

Configure Price Quote for easier, faster and more organized sales processes

Target group: CMOs, COOs, CIOs, CDOs and people interested in digital transformation processes that include CPQ and Commerce.

Do you have configurable products? If so, Configure Price Quote (CPQ) needs to be a critical part of your digital customer journey. In this session, you will see and learn how to transform your customers’ experience, get the product that meets their needs and efficiently place and track their orders. The result is a self-service experience that will increase sales efficiency by enabling customers to easily enter product configurations to fit their needs, thus allowing you to sell more products and solutions. CPQ reduces quote-to-order cycle times by integrating customers, channel partners and the sales department into a unified middle office and a digital ecosystem that breaks down the traditional silos existing in most companies that aspire to grow and ’be better‘. Do not miss the live demo on the SAP platform!

Key takeaways

CPQ and eCommerce will enhance your customer experience and solidify your digital journey.

You will increase margins by moving from a product-based business to a solutions-based business combining hardware products, software, services and contracts.