02.11.2021, 09:00-09:45 | Virtual Event

Data & analytics

Bringing next-generation data and analytics to the digital core

02.11.2021, 09:00-09:45 | Virtual Event

Target group: Business Transformation leaders, CIOs, Technology business leaders, Data analytics teams, everybody working with digitalisation

When embarking on a journey to modernise the digital core of a company, most companies learn that the data and analytics agenda plays a very significant role stretching far beyond traditional reporting. As such, to succeed on the SAP S/4HANA journey, a well-proven methodology and road map for the handling of data migration, data quality and cleansing, data integration, analytics and overall data platform design are vital.

In this session, we will share our point of view on how to align complex data management and analytics operations as part of a digital core transformation and how to design, build and deploy a modern data and analytics ecosystem to support both the transition to S/4HANA and future operational and strategic data consumption after a successful go-live.

Key takeaways

How to prepare for analytics, data management and data quality handling and integration

How to build a modern data and analytics ecosystem design

How to link a SAP S/4HANA journey with an efficient data management and analytics road map


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