Target group: CIOs, heads of development, IT and strategy development managers, IT team leads, developers, everybody who works with IT and application development

Do you experience issues around scaling your DevOps initiative? If the answer is yes, this session is for you. We discuss the most common challenges faced by our clients who struggle with scaling DevOps:

1. How to achieve the right balance between autonomy and central governance

2. How to establish transparency around the progress of teams

3. How to manage the vast number of DevOps tools and ensure compliance.

Last but not least, we demonstrate how a platform like DCP (Deloitte DevOps Cloud Platform) enables centralised overview, compliance and security out of the box – allowing you to focus on value-adding activities.

Key takeaways

Key challenges encountered on the journey towards scaled DevOps

Measuring success and course-correcting during your DevOps journey.