Digital Consumer Trends 2020

Digital consumer trends

Target group: CEOs, CIOs, project managers

Knowing consumer behaviour helps transform businesses accordingly.

With approximately 36,150 respondents across 23 countries and five continents, and a total of about 5,000 respondents in the Nordics, the Nordic digital consumer survey offers detailed insights into digital consumer behaviour across industries and segments.

Given this year’s severe circumstances related to COVID-19, the 2020 report includes a thorough analysis of Nordic digital lockdown behaviours and a measure of Nordic consumers’ sentiment towards working from home. In addition, the report seeks to understand the Nordic consumer appetite for 5G, digital media consumption (music, video, social media and news) and much more. Moreover, the survey include four industry spotlights (retail, telecom, public and financial services) that dive into industry-specific trends.

Key takeaways

5G lack of consumer knowledge, fake news and lacking understanding of the benefits of 5G are a challenge for telcos and Nordic governments.

Mobile shame: Mobile devices have been a lifeline during lockdown, but many consumers are ashamed of their mobile addiction, including usage while physically with friends and family.

Considering the surge in streaming and media consumption during COVID-19, we need to understand the related business opportunities.