29.09.20, 9:00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Digital identity

Digital identity journey

29.09.20, 9:00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Target group: CISOs, IT directors, IT operation directors, IAM programme/project managers, risk and compliance managers

How do you validate Digital users’ identity without jeopardising user experience?

Digital identity is a central dilemma in creating a seamless digital user experience. Seamlessly and consistently establishing trust on a multitude of digital platforms is a balancing act between security and simplicity, both of which are equally compelling in terms of the user experience.

Today’s multitude of platforms spanning from traditional workplaces to the cloud and SAP applications makes the question more relevant than ever. And as an organisation, how do you differentiate between colleagues and clients?

In this session, we explore different trends and solutions that emerge from the topic of digital identity, and we demonstrate a practical road map for achieving a single unifying solution across several platforms.

Key takeaways

Understand key challenges with digital identity programmes and how to address them

Gain key learnings from our experience in implementing comprehensive digital identity solutions

Learn how to effectively embed digital identity into key transformations, such as cloud and SAP


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