Enterprise service management

Revolutionising enterprise service delivery

Target group: GBS leaders, service management professionals, CFOs, CIOs

At leading companies, enterprise service delivery is much more than shared services. To thrive in the new normal, companies need :

- A service delivery model that considers where and how work can be performed most cost-effectively

- An organisational concept designed to increase resilience while enhancing the customer experience

- A multifunctional, centrally governed team focused on improving end-to-end business processes.

Three key imperatives exist for next-level enterprise service delivery:

1. Deliver capabilities as a service

When critical capabilities are produced and delivered through a shared-services structure, they can be scaled and leveraged to greater effect.

2. Drive digital transformation

Many data challenges can be addressed through targeted solutions that do not require a large-scale systems overhaul.

3. Enhance the customer experience

A deep understanding of customer needs, wants, and pain points is key to the centre-office concept.

As we sharpen our focus on digital transformation, we notice a number of levers that may prove beneficial at large scale.

- A one-stop shop frontend for customers can meet the service delivery functions.

- Standardised systems and processes are must-haves when shifting work quickly across business units and regions.

- Cloud-based reporting can allow users to access real-time information on demand from anywhere with an internet connection. Cross-functional collaboration tools and processes can help organisations make fast, well-informed decisions in a crisis.

- Automated work processes can sustain business operations even with a stringent workforce and workplace restrictions.

Key takeaways

Service delivery revolution is coming – fast!

How to deliver capabilities as a service and enhance customer experience

How to drive digital transformation within service delivery