Future of work

Responding to the future of work – how to enable engagement, productivity and innovation among employees through the design of new ways of working

Target group: CMO, COO, CDO, CHRO, HR Business Partners and people interested in people transformations with organizations

The pandemic has been a catalyst for changes in the ways of working across organisations. The transition has clarified and generated new requirements for rethinking both employee experience and current operating models with focus on both digital and physical workspaces and further emphasising the need to target both knowledge workers and frontline workers.

In this session, we dive into why organisations and leaders need to understand how to address future trends and leverage new technologies strategically to create a sustainable platform for enhancing employee engagement, productivity and innovation.

Key takeaways

The three–five trends that have an impact on what work is, where work is done and how work is done

How to address hybrid ways of working through employee experience design, operating model redesign and leading technology implementation

Examples of how organisations have addressed the new ways of working across industries


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