24.11.20, 9:00-9:45 | Virtual Event

Future of work

What is (future of) work?

24.11.20, 9:00-9:45 | Virtual Event

Target group: business leaders, HR professionals and everyone interested in the future of work.

Recently, we have been on board a time machine to the future. Changes that many of us predicted would happen over decades took, instead, place in the span of weeks. People who were shying away from utilising digital tools are now, out of necessity, becoming digital natives, and many workplaces are experiencing success and increased productivity. However, our research shows an emerging search for long-term sustainability. How do we beat Zoom fatigue and handle the lack of the daily intangible factor that is key to any organisation: being together?

What is work nowadays? As the workforce and workplace are transformed through the power of technology, it is time to redesign work itself to maximise what humans are able to do. Work is no longer static and process-driven; is a floating, constantly evolving effort that requires us to rethink what we should be doing and how we should be doing it.

At this Grab’n Go session, we will share insights into how your organisation can explore, test and implement what work actually is for you in your context and how a digital DNA at the core can help you unleash your organisation’s potential.

Key takeaways

A framework for developing your future of work

Understanding the importance of digital DNA and how to build it

A digital experience in itself that shows how you can engage through the lens of your computer


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