13 April l 9.00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Getting ready for sustainability/ESG reporting and assurance

Plan early. Execute with discipline.

13 April l 9.00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Target group: COO, CIO, CPO

As the EU expands requirements for reporting on sustainability/ESG matters, for example through the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), significant tasks lie ahead for both directly and indirectly impacted businesses:

- Analyses and assessments need to be done and documented.

- Business and reporting processes must be updated or established - enabling reliable integrated output.

- Roles, systems and habits need to be recalibrated to ensure that reporting and other communication will meet the standards and requirements of tomorrow.

Listed companies must report from their financial year starting in 2024, other large companies from 2025.

Key takeaways

Get an overview of the scope and timeline of disclosure requirements impacting your business.

Get guidance on where to start and how your organisation can prepare to meet the requirements.

Get inspiration on how effective reporting can help accelerate your sustainability efforts and impact.


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