M&A value realisation

Succeeding with M&A value realisation

Join us in person and enjoy a nice breakfast while gaining new knowledge.

DeloitteHuset - Copenhagen

Target group: Executives, heads of M&A, PMI Directors, CFOs, heads of strategy

It has been far too long, so we are excited to finally invite you back in DeloitteHuset where we will be serving in-depth knowledge over breakfast. ‘Succeeding with M&A value realisation’ is one of our four sessions this season where you are invited into Deloitte to kick start your morning with experts and like-minded peers.

Almost two thirds of all M&A transactions do not realise the value case set out at the beginning. Yet, Danish and international companies are using M&A more than ever as the preferred strategic tool to ensure disruptive growth and transformation. So, what does it take to actually be successful in harvesting the full value potential of M&A?

This session goes into the criteria and levers for M&A success. We will touch on the importance of an end-to-end perspective rather than just a transaction perspective, the need to be bold and in control and the new digital age of M&A.

Key takeaways

How to succeed with M&A-driven transformations

How to realise the value of the transaction – for real

M&A in the digital age: the move towards digital tools across the M&A lifecycle


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