Process mapping

Intelligent process excellence

Target group: CIOs, CDOs, CAOs, heads of process excellence, heads of automation

Companies spend hundreds of hours analysing business processes only to realise they have mapped a minuscule part of what really happens in their business. In some cases, consultants are invited to help do the tedious work of mapping as-is processes, thus revealing a bit more of the total number of process variations but still not the full picture. Today, however, new technologies, such as task mining, are used to automatically reveal the full picture, capturing almost 100% of the business processes. These new technologies enable companies to visualise and transform end-to-end processes.

We would like to show how these technologies can help you to not only gain insight of what is really going on, but to be able to spot process bottlenecks and errors, enabling you to transform your company.

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Key takeaways

Knowledge about intelligent process mapping

Quick and data-driven approach to improve processes

Use cases for intelligent process excellence.