11.05.2021, 9.00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Quantum computing in business

How to gain control and prepare for disruption

11.05.2021, 9.00-9.45 | Virtual Event

Target group: Technological business leaders

Quantum computers (QCs) are here, but how should businesses prepare for when general and accessible ‘quantum advantage’ is established?

Tune in and get the answer when we provide a brief overview of the technology and demonstrate what is possible in the short and the long run. During the session, we will have leading business partners join us to provide their overall views and advice, and we will cover the impact of QC in different business areas and look at the development timeline. We will outline and discuss how to address the risks involved, and we will address elements of business model vulnerabilities and how to prioritise accordingly. In this session we will also explore the new possibilities that QC opens for communications, supply chain, industrial processes, financial institutions and cyber security.

Key takeaways

Why you should care about quantum computers?

What are some of the QC business use cases?

How to prepare your business for QC transformation.


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