Stop wasting cloud

How to avoid the common mistakes related to cloud economics, and how to integrate FinOps into your operating model and cloud journey?

Target group: CFOs, Head of IT finance, CIOs, CTOs, Head of Cloud

Enterprises estimate that around 32 per cent of their cloud spend is wasted. Furthermore, around 80 per cent of enterprises consider it a challenge to manage cloud spend. More than 70 per cent of enterprises have cloud spend optimisation as a major goal; however, it remains a challenge to realise value. Cloud FinOps must be integrated into the end-to-end cloud journey from cloud architecture decisions to long-term cloud consumption demand forecasting enabled by advanced analytics; this integration is a collective task across the organisation.

Key takeaways

Common mistakes related to Cloud economics

A new set of capabilities and operating model to manage Cloud spend

Utilize tools to create transparency and effectively manage Cloud economic


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