Tech Trends 2022

Tech Trends 2022: How to take advantage of new opportunities in emerging technology

Target group: CIOs, CEOs, CDOs and others interested in digital transformation

In this session, we will explore the impact that emerging technology trends will have both inside and outside the enterprise during the next 18 to 24 months. Based on Deloitte’s 13th annual tech trends report, we will discuss key insights and actionable advice on using automation, cyber AI, vertical-specific cloud services, devices and data sharing to your advantage.

Register to hear more about:

- Insights and research published in this year’s report

- Leading business examples, insights and applications from leading organisations

- High-level implications for CXOs and other business and technology leaders.

Key takeaways

How to navigate emerging technologies to your advantage

How emerging technologies will impact your organisation internally and externally

Which macro technology trends are on the horizon


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