20 September 2022 | 09:00-09:45 | Virtual event

The future of control platforms to manage risks and controls

Why is it important to have a state-of-the-art platform to manage risks and controls?

20 September 2022 | 09:00-09:45 | Virtual event

Target group: CFO’s, Chief Compliance Officers, Head of Internal Controls, Finance Managers, Heads of Process Excellence

In our rapidly transforming world where consequences of not having risk and control processes in place are far more devastating, we believe that controls are still not working effectively. Despite all the investments and increasing requirements and regulations, we believe that controls are not prioritised and that they, largely, focus on financial reporting. Typically, these controls only become a priority for organisations when the controls fail. This reactive approach results in increasing costs. Overall, we believe that the status quo has been broken and that a new approach is required.

When making key decisions, real-time insights are important, and it is now time to enable technology platforms to manage risks and controls. Such platforms are essential for organisations to be able to provide a structured overview of risks and controls ensuring that controls are working properly and to enable integration to core systems for controls automation.

Join us for a session where you gain insight into why you need to have such control platforms, how they look and get our take on what the future of control platforms should include.

Key takeaways

Why is there a need for insights into risk and controls?

What is a risk and control platform – and how does it look?

What value will it bring to your organization?


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