TMT Predictions 2021

The COVID catalyst

Target Group: CEOs, CIOs, project managers

COVID-19 has acted like a chemical catalyst, making what was already happening happen much faster. To quote just about everyone: “We are seeing many years of progress in as many months!”

Every year, Deloitte publishes the report TMT Predictions. And with this session, we give you the opportunity to be among the first to hear about the top nine TMT predictions expected to impact the global marketplace in 2021.

We will offer an overview of the major themes shaping the market and an in-depth look at the trends set to affect and potentially disrupt your business – and wallet.

Among other topics, we will discuss:

- Cloud migration: cloud growth staying at 30 per cent annually for years to come

- Intelligent edge: USD 12bn in 2021, up 80 per cent from 2019

- Open RAN networks: doubling compared to 2020

- Video visits with doctors: 5 per cent of all visits in 2021, up from close to zero in 2019

- Enterprise and education use of XR headsets: growing market, but fewer headsets than you might think.

Key takeaways

COVID-19 has accelerated many key technologies, especially for tech and telecom.

With rapid advancement come many risks, especially related to security.

5G and health concerns are not based on science, but still matter.