Target group: CEOs, CIOs, project managers

It has been far too long, so we are excited to finally invite you back in DeloitteHuset where we will be serving in-depth knowledge over breakfast. ‘TMT predictions 2022’ is one of our four sessions this season where you are invited into Deloitte to kick start your morning with experts and like-minded peers.

Every year, Deloitte publishes the report TMT Predictions, and with this session, we will give you the opportunity to be among the first to hear about the top 19 TMT predictions expected to have an impact on the global marketplace in 2022. We will offer an overview of the major themes shaping the market and an in-depth look at the trends set to affect and potentially disrupt your business – and wallet.

Among other topics, we will discuss:

- The continuing chip shortage, but also VC chip investing and new kinds of chips

- SVOD customer churn and retention, but also gaming, smart TVs and sports NFTs

- Fixed wireless access over 5G and advanced networking, especially Wi-Fi 6

- Books and gender, tech and gender, floating solar and sustainable smartphones.

Key takeaways

Most COVID-19 TMT changes are persisting post-pandemic, and some are even accelerating

There are big risks in 2022: churn, shortages, regulation and lack of diversity

But there are big opportunities, too: new technologies, such as wearables, TVs, 5G and chips


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