Winning on online marketplaces

Exploring online marketplace opportunities and approaches to unlock growth

Target group: CCOs, COOs, CDOs, CIOs

Online marketplaces have grown to take up the majority share of the global e-commerce market, becoming the preferred purchase channel of both consumers and B2B buyers, but what is the size of the prize, and how can you create successful winning propositions?

In this session, we will dig into the market dynamics and their underlying drivers. We will present different archetype strategies and business models on how brands can approach marketplaces, either with joining existing marketplaces or when creating their own.

Finally, inspired by real cases and learnings from the field, we will share knowledge on some of the barriers to succeed with online marketplaces and the key fundamental levers when starting on this journey.

Key takeaways

Understanding the commercial opportunity & playing field

Winning approaches to either joining public marketplaces or building your own

Explore key pitfalls and what it takes to get started on the journey


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