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Are you prepared for the “Future of Work”?

Digital and emerging technologies are rapidly impacting how we work. Deloitte’s Digital Enablement concept prepares clients for the Future of Work and the Digital Organization by defining and supporting the change journey through enabling the creation of a digital mind-set that achieves quick adoption of new digital ways of working. Our Digital Enablement practitioners use data driven analysis that accelerates your Digital transformation so you can leverage your human capital more efficiently in an increasingly digitized workspace.

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Future of Work

The reality of “Future of Work” with nimble enterprises, new talent models, Robotics and AI is hitting organizations faster than expected. To put this in perspective, 65% of today’s school children will work in jobs that don’t exist today. This reality is yet again being emphasized in Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends as organizations are moving from “Business as Usual” to “Change as Usual”, where ongoing disruption and innovation constantly challenges leadership to more effectively manage change.

Factors like a shortage of talent and skills, shifting demographics and decrease in skill half-life is challenging organizations to utilize their human capital more efficiently. Deloitte Strategic Change practitioners work with clients to identify and activate business critical change leavers to accelerate organizational transformation and translate strategy into behavior.

Our Danish practice creates specially designed solutions for our clients, while leveraging our 11,800+ employee global Human Capital network to ensure delivery of cutting-edge solutions from our global service portfolio. Selected offerings in Strategic Change include: 

• Digital Enablement
• Behavioral and Culture Change
• Change Strategy, including business impact analysis
• Stakeholder Mapping and Management
• Employee Engagement and Communications
• Public Sector Change
• Outsourcing Transformation
• Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

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