Family Business

A family business is not just a company. It is a life’s work built on passion, dreams, hard work and hopes of passing it on to the next generation. We understand your challenges and we take the time to understand the family dynamic, culture and objectives.

The Deloitte family business team is passionate about identifying the core values of the families we work with and we consider family issues from both our heart and our mind. We work with families to help them articulate their goals and anchor them within the family structure and organisation.

We work closely with families to co-create well-designed and properly implemented family enterprise governance structures that give clear guidance to family members and thereby create easier transitions between generations.

In our experience, working with family businesses is not only about issues related to bookkeeping, tax or liquidity. We understand the need to talk through deeply personal concerns and we determine the role of each family member with respect to those issues. The generation succession often involves multiple discussions and the need to address feelings before reaching an agreement.

We pride ourselves on being trusted family advisors who work very closely with the families, often involving sensitive personal knowledge. We take that responsibility seriously and we have founded our work on trust. As your trusted family advisors, we are always available for you.

The family business programme

What is the family’s purpose? What are the right organisational changes needed at any given point to ensure the well-being of the family business? Is the generation succession in place? Does the next generation have the skills and the will to succeed?

We can offer a family business programme that consists of different phases. The discovery phase is a kickoff session followed by individual talks with every member of the family or family stakeholders. We discuss the purpose and identify the challenges facing the family business. We will end the discovery phase with a concrete issues list to work with.

In the alignment phase, we bring the whole family together and work openly with the issues list from the discovery phase. The objective here is to discuss the family values, vision, governance and structures. We end the alignment phase by creating a family constitution, which is also a family charter.

Finally, the implementation phase is the execution of the agreements in the family constitution. Examples are election of family representatives to the board or scheduling of family meetings.

Our specific family offerings
  • Family and enterprise governance
  • Next generation programmes
  • Tax services
  • Strategy advice
  • Investment advice
  • Family office setup and services
  • Risk management services.

Helping to solve your most complex family business issues

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Nikolaj Thomsen

Nikolaj Thomsen


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Thomas Rosquist Andersen


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