ServiceNow and Deloitte

What do you get when you combine one of the most recognized names in digital transformation with innovative, cloud-based service management? Results that empower people.

By combining Deloitte’s proven thought leadership and methodologies with ServiceNow’s next-generation cloud platform, our clients are experiencing a new level of enterprise performance. With a strong focus on delivering near term and lasting business value, Deloitte and ServiceNow are transforming the DNA of the modern enterprise. Our global reach provides clients with the expertise they need in their respective industries.

Partnership to empower
As a Global Elite Partner, Deloitte is dedicated to accelerating client innovation and efficiency leveraging the ServiceNow platform, providing clients with increasing returns on their platform investments. Being a Global Elite Partner comes with a CEO-level commitment to the ServiceNow practice. Together, Deloitte and ServiceNow help clients strengthen the alignment of enterprise services with business needs and optimize their digital platform strategy. Read about our Global Elite Partnership with ServiceNow .

Reimagine the Flow of Work
Deloitte and ServiceNow recognize the shift organizations are making to cloud-based service models that modernize workflows. We understand the need for better processes, and better ways for employees and customers to interact and engage – to make every day easier. Together, Deloitte and ServiceNow are reimagining the flow of work and creating a new standard for what employees and customers can expect. Our solutions can help improve your service management capabilities resulting in exceptional employee and customer experiences.

How we can help
We support the full breadth of ServiceNow offerings, from strategy to implementation and managed services. Our services also address integration across the domains of technology, processes, and people so you can realize your planned benefits. We deliver end-to-end ServiceNow solution in the following functional areas: Service Management, Employee experience (HR), GRC & SecOps, Vendor Management, IT Operations (ITSM, CMDB, ITOM), and Financial Close Process. Read more about the offerings for each area here.

service now - how can we help

Learn more about what Deloitte and ServiceNow offers

Deloitte and ServiceNow can help you simplify work across your entire business, creating faster, easier, more enjoyable employee and customer experiences that put people first Read more about our offerings here.

Deloitte’s Next Generation Vendor Management

Today, outsourcing is increasingly used by companies as an enabler for innovation. Disruptive technologies like cloud computing enable solutions such as ServiceNow to accelerate speed to value and drive business growth. This leads to a change from the traditional IT organization to the next generation IT organization. Read more about our take on how organization can tackle the Next Generation Vendor Management in our whitepaper or in a one-pager.

Deloitte's Project Portfolio Management

Deloitte's pre-configured accelerator—built on the ServiceNow platform—offers public sector leaders a simplified approach to project and portfolio management (PPM) and enterprise management of IT throughout the technology lifecycle Read more about our solution here.


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