Real Estate Predictions 2019

Prepare to adapt to the changing market

Welcome to the 2019 edition of Deloitte’s predictions for the Real Estate industry. These predictions discuss the Real Estate trends for 2019 that will impact your business. Read about blockchain, cybersecurity, data driven business models, and more.

Stay updated about the Real Estate Predictions

The 2019 Real Estate Predictions will continuously be updated with a discussion of the pressing topics in the Real Estate market.

- Data Driven Business Models will change the Real Estate industry

- Digital Twins

- Industrial Property: ugly duckling no more

- Circularity 

- Cyber Security Issue 1

- Cyber Security Issue 2

- Blockchain 

- Strategic Approach to Real Estate Management

- Future of Work

- Proptechs - Propelling digital real estate

Transit Oriented Development and Land Value Capture

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