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By introducing our Governance, Risk & Compliance solution which serves as the smart digital core for managing risk and control across the enterprise, we are helping clients on their journeys into the future.


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How will Deloitte Sense help?

Deloitte Sense is a configurable and scalable GRC platform based on a well-proven and solid control framework. It offers our clients an easy and comprehensive overview of risks and controls across the enterprise creating transparency for management and control functions. When implementing Deloitte Sense, the overview is ready to use within weeks, not months.

The platform provides an agile operating model with real-time insights that allows you to optimize resource allocation, rationalize risk management and focus on driving growth. Gather feedback on risk indicators and continue to learn from outcomes and insights. Deloitte Sense empowers companies to streamline the compliance process and achieve strategic goals by allowing real-time identification of issues and rapid course correction.

Deloitte Sense is a task-oriented platform with simple navigation and zero training for a user-friendly experience. Together, we will make it easy to work with risks and compliance. Everything is data-driven. The platform utilizes the power of automated workflows that allows you to assess the risks, record the control performance and monitor compliance.

The user experience is simplified to ensure a common language of risks and controls that enables employees to focus on core business tasks.

The solution comes with pre-configured processes designed based on a best-practice set-up, which can easily be changed and adapted to your processes. The solution is built on configurable workflows using a drag-and-drop functionality. This ensures quick and easy changes and limited time for development and implementation.

Deloitte Sense builds upon an open integration engine allowing integration with key business systems, other GRC systems or analytics platforms, where control results can be routed to Deloitte Sense. This enables a more data-driven foundation for controls automation supporting smarter controls and less manual activities. This supports your journey towards reducing the cost of compliance while increasing quality and assurance.

By integrating Deloitte Sense in your current system environment, you achieve a “single source of truth”, which will not only enable you to continuously monitor risks but also ensure predictive insights and proactive compliance. The solution has 11 modules, that all shares a common data model and can be implemented across the enterprise to support Operational, Financial and Regulatory Compliance, IT Governance, Internal Audit, ESG, Business Continuity Management, Policy Management as well as Artificial Intelligence Model Risk Governance.

Why Deloitte?

Global market leader

Deloitte has more than 300.000 employees working from across the globe. We are recognized as a global market leader within various risk areas – e.g. within cyber risk.

Dedicated specialists

We have a deep functional expertise within the various risk areas and the relevant sectors. We have considerable insight into the solutions successfully implemented at comparable companies and can therefore quickly identify the right solutions for you.

We work globally

As a starting point, we at Deloitte work in an integrated manner across borders. We mobilize employees all over the world depending on the required skills and the geography that needs to be uncovered.

Digital front runner

Our employees are leaders in the latest technology solutions. We use the latest technological opportunities in our solution design and are experienced in implementing technologies.

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Partner, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Denmark

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Manager, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Denmark

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Manager, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Denmark

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