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DeskTopCentral helps you with installation of patches, administration of IT Assets and software licenses, monitoring of software and taking over control of remote desktops.


In a new normal where working remotely becomes common for at larger number of firms and organisations, desktop management can be challenging. How do we make sure to properly manage our software and hardware to maintain resiliency at a distance?

Desktop management routine tasks can be both time-consuming and resource costly. Meanwhile decentralisation of both workstations and hardware makes it harder to have the full overview and to manage from a distance. Some of the challenges regarding desktop management might be:

  • Lack of overview and documentation makes it difficult to detect security risks in your endpoints. Lack of intelligent patching lead to security breaches. Even if the endpoints are fully patched there remains vulnerabilities that can be utilized in data breaches.

  • Decentralisation of workstations makes it more challenging to manage all assets and makes sure they are updated and secure. Decentralisation of workstations also makes it difficult to support and resolve problems from a distance, compromising the security of the assets.

  • Manual desktop management of routine task is sometimes time-consuming and takes up time from other core tasks in the administrator’s and helpdesk technician’s portfolio.

Functions & Requirements

Desktop Central lets you manage both Windows, Mac and Linux. The functions of the software is amongst other:

  • Patch Management: Automatic patch distribution related to OS and other third-party applications that protect Windows and Mac from security threats.

  • Software distribution:Simplify software distribution by installing and uninstalling software with templates for creating packages.

  • Remote Control: Troubleshooting on remote desktops with multi-user collaboration, file transfer, video recordings etc.

  • Asset Management: Manage your IT assets, software metering, software license administration, prohibited software etc. Scan and retrieve installed app details, enforced restrictions, installed certificates, and hardware details for devices.s and get system uptime reports.

  • Windows configurations: More than 25 predefined configurations, including energy management, USB device administration, security policies etc.

  • Service pack installation: Scan and detect missing service packages of OS and applications and automate the distribution so you are up-to-date.

  • Active Directory reports: More than 100 scanned reports provide a quick and complete insight into the Active Directory infrastructure.

  • User administration: Define roles with selective privileges, delegate users to these roles, and make administration more efficient.

  • USB device administration: Limit and control the use of USB devices on the network at both user and computer level.

  • Energy administration: Go green with efficient energy management and implement energy schedules, shut down inactive computer.

  • Mobile Device Administration: Administration of iOS, Android and Windows

  • Device registration: Register devices manually, in bulk or get users to register their iOS or Android devices themselves with two-factor approvals.

  • App administration: Distribute both internal and purchased apps to devices, remove / deactivate blacklisted apps, assign redemption codes to commercial apps etc.

  • Profile management: Create and configure policies and profiles for different departments / roles and associate them with the relevant groups.

  • Security Administration: Configure stringent security policies such as codes and device blocking and protect company data from outside threats.

  • Audit and reports: Revise mobile devices with ready-made reports such as devices with blacklisted apps.

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We strive to continuously lead the market in the area of cyber risk and security services. We are awarded and acknowledged by some of the most renowned institutions within the area of cyber, e.g. Gartner, ALM Intelligence and Forrester. In 2020, we were named global leader in Security Consulting Services for the 9th year in a row by Gartner.

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We are committed to investing in innovation and emerging technologies to ensure that we are equipped with the latest tools to solve current and future challenges for our clients. Alliances with market-leading cyber vendors and groundbreaking startups around the world offer our clients access to a wide range of cyber-risk technologies and leading-edge technology innovation.

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We have the largest professional services network in the world. Diversity across our cyber teams helps us work across the globe with a local and personal lens. We have over 8,600 dedicated cyber-risk service practitioners of which 1,300 are dedicated to Europe and the Middle East alone, ready to help our clients everywhere with any challenge.

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We cover every aspect of cyber risk — from advisory and implementation of strategic transformations to managed security services, product solutions and incident management. This enables us to deliver more resilient and silo-breaking solutions, taking the whole business chain into account. This helps our clients to leverage their potential and growth even more.

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