ProofPoint Wombat Security

Secure the organisation against external threats through ongoing training and education of the employees to raise cyber awareness and knowledge.


Employees can either be the strongest or the weakest link in the defence against threats. With a constantly changing cyber threat landscape, how do we ensure employees become the strongest link?

With a rapidly rising threat level CISOs are now more than ever trying to improve security awareness and influence employees’ behaviour, while continually supporting productivity, reliability and compliance requirements. Some of the challenges regarding raising cyber awareness and knowledge in the organisation might be:

  • ’Untargeted‘ security campaigns without assessment of either current cybersecurity knowledge level amongst employees or definition of desired end goals bring little impact and the risk of 'missing the bullseye' in remediation of the organisation’s vulnerabilities.

  • Failure to define KPIs and measure them properly brings poor knowledge on direction and progress of the cyber awareness campaign. Also, failure to follow up on and increase focus on certain 'blind spots'.
  • Education and training without specific, relatable examples make it difficult to engage and motivate the employees.

  • 'Fixed' education programmes or cybersecurity campaigns make it difficult for organisations to scale and adjust accordingly to their needs and desires. This discourages some organisations to take on the task.

  • Failure to establish an organisational culture that supports and complements cybersecurity amongst employees.

Functions & Requirements

  • Anti-phishing and other real-life simulated attacks create focus on cyber awareness
  • Simulated phishing assessments
  • PhishAlarm and PhishAlarm Analyzer
  • Assessment of security knowledge to continuously measure current knowledge and improvement level of employees
  • More than 20 interactive education modules
  • A scalable and flexible solution.

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Why Deloitte?

Awarded market leaders

We strive to continuously lead the market in the area of cyber risk and security services. We are awarded and acknowledged by some of the most renowned institutions within the area of cyber, e.g. Gartner, ALM Intelligence and Forrester. In 2020, we were named global leader in Security Consulting Services for the 9th year in a row by Gartner.

Leading-edge technologies

We are committed to investing in innovation and emerging technologies to ensure that we are equipped with the latest tools to solve current and future challenges for our clients. Alliances with market-leading cyber vendors and groundbreaking startups around the world offer our clients access to a wide range of cyber-risk technologies and leading-edge technology innovation.

Global intelligence delivered locally

We have the largest professional services network in the world. Diversity across our cyber teams helps us work across the globe with a local and personal lens. We have over 8,600 dedicated cyber-risk service practitioners of which 1,300 are dedicated to Europe and the Middle East alone, ready to help our clients everywhere with any challenge.

End-to-end cyber-risk services

We cover every aspect of cyber risk — from advisory and implementation of strategic transformations to managed security services, product solutions and incident management. This enables us to deliver more resilient and silo-breaking solutions, taking the whole business chain into account. This helps our clients to leverage their potential and growth even more.

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