Helping organizations meet the assurance demands of regulations and standards

Increasing transparency, relevance, and value of information disclosed to the market, investors and regulators around business performance are essential to enable sustainable growth. Deloitte’s Assurance services provide clients with audit analytics to extract insights from data, specialized technology audits of security and controls, and third-party readiness and attestation to manage risks from the extended enterprise.

We offer:

  • Audit Analytics – We enable organizations to explore their data to discover and analyze patterns, identify anomalies, develop profiles, and reveal relationships from large sets of client data.
  • IT Audit – We provide independent assessments of IT security and controls, entity level controls, and automated and manual business-process controls as part of an entities’ annual external audit.
  • Third-Party Assurance – We help clients manage extended enterprise risk by conducting independent assessments of an organization’s control procedures to establish if existing controls/processes meet management objectives, and to demonstrate control effectiveness to customers and their auditors through independent reporting.

Cybersecurity risk management examination

This collection of articles provides an overview of the importance of cybersecurity reporting and cyber risk management, along with advice and insights on steps you can take to strengthen your organization’s oversight, reporting, and risk management capabilities.

Third-party assurance optimization

As businesses increasingly outsource their core functions to third-party providers and partners, they run a higher risk of encountering compliance and regulatory infractions. In this article, we discuss some of the leading practices businesses can implement to implement more streamlined third-party assurance (TPA) reporting, and hold third-party providers to stringent risk monitoring and regulatory compliance standards.

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