17 Sustainable Development Goals

There is an urgent need for the world to find a more sustainable development path.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) were adopted by the United Nations and its member states in 2015 and define global strategy for sustainable development for 2030.

The SDG’s mobilises global efforts around 17 goals and 169 targets and call for action among governments, cities, business and civil society alike in areas of critical importance for humanity, the planet and prosperity.

The historic response envisioned through the SDG’s offers a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity to seize on the convergence of intent across sectors that can set the world on a path of global sustainability and inclusive growth.

What then is the role of the different sectors in ensuring a more sustainable future? Is it the responsibility of the public sector to take the lead? The private sector?

In Deloitte, we believe that it is the responsibility of all sectors to be part of the solution. The 2030 agenda holds opportunities for every sector. More importantly, the SDG’s will not be realized without the involvement of all sectors.

Collective action is needed
As a society, we need to make the right connections – combining the policy power of government with the convening power of civil society and resources of business – to better target and tackle obstacles to social progress. Partnerships are key.

Collective action is needed to scale and drive solutions that could improve wellbeing and help society achieve inclusive growth. Trust, courage, co-creation, and diversity of thought is what allows us to change the world.

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