After a period of uncertainty caused by the invasion of Ukraine, fears of economic recession and high inflation, Danish CFOs are starting to show signs of optimism about the financial prospects for their company. However, almost half of them still rate the level of financial and economic uncertainty facing their company as high.

In this year’s report, you can read about how the CFO’s role is extending and moving into the area of talent and capability building. Danish CFOs rate the lack of suitable talent as one of their biggest challenges, and almost one-third, primarily in the larger companies, find it difficult to recruit, retain and develop people with the right skills.

To shed light on this area, Natalie Shaverdian Riise-Knudsen, CFO of COWI, and Anders Hagh, CFO of Salling Group, share their views about their approach to the next generation of young talent.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey – and thanks also to all of you who read this report. We are delighted to see a growing number of readers every year.

Happy reading!

About the CFO Survey

The spring 2023 edition of our CFO Survey reports the views of 142 CFOs of Danish companies about financial prospects and strategic priorities. This year, it also looks at their involvement in the recruitment and retention of talent. Our report is published twice a year, and the survey has been conducted in Denmark since 2017, providing an opportunity to compare changes in the perspectives of Danish CFOs over time.

This most recent survey was conducted in March 2023 by Epinion on behalf of Deloitte and its findings are based on the responses of 142 CFOs, 15 percent from companies with a turnover of more than DKK 10 billion, 34 per cent from companies with a turnover of between DKK 500 million and DKK 10 billion, and 51 percent from companies with a turnover of less than DKK 500 million.

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