Continuous improvement and customer focus reasons for success at Danske Banks Global Services

SSC leaders shared insights at Deloittes annual SSC Conference in Vienna

By becoming an integrated part of the business, shared services centers are aiming to create more value than ever. That was one of the main taking points at Deloittes annual SSC conference in Vienna. A shared services center, which has accomplished full integration with the business operation, is Danske Bank’s Global Services in Lithuania, commonly known as GSL. With more than 1500 employees, GSL was named 2017 Employer of the Year and best-shared services center in the Baltic region for two consecutive years. 

“When we started, operations and business were separated quite clearly. What we managed to do through shifting the focus to customers and working together with business on our customers’ journeys brought us close to the business pursuing the same purpose – increase customer satisfaction. Today we are together on our journey but there is still a lot to be done,” Rosita Vasilkeviciute says. She is the Head of Global Utilities and GSL.

Rosita Vasilkeviciute explains that one of the main reasons for Danske Bank’s GSL success is a strong focus on continuous improvement and innovation in a global team set up. 

“We foster a culture where you not only work, but you also continuously try to find places for improvement, especially if you identify a broken process. It is important that the leadership creates an environment where the employees are engaged across the value chain and more importantly have enough time to work with idea generation.”

Twenty percent
Similar to companies like Google, we aim to allocate around 20 percent of employees’ time for development. This includes developing their professional skills, getting deep into their area of expertise, generating and working with new ideas for the company.

“Twenty percent sounds a lot, but it is necessary if you want to see the benefits like decrease the number of defects or minimize risks or even get rid of repetitive tasks through robotics. The leadership needs to be fully engaged and allocate time. If your employees are only doing routine work, they will not only stop noticing what is happening in the company but will also start looking for other opportunities outside the company. This is true especially for Generation Y,” Rosita Vasilkeviciute says. 

According to Rosita Vasilkeviciute, true integration with the business is possible only if all employees in operations have customer focused mindset. One of successful training launches, Danske Bank’s group process development unit has designed and provide customer journey training. Here, as part of the training employees sit down with a customer and go through the entire journey, and the customer explains how he or she felt at specific interactions. 

“It’s a talk with the end user. For example, we have a customer who decides to buy a house. He’s excited. But then he realizes that he needs to go to the bank to borrow money. At the bank, he’s told that he needs to deliver a range of different papers and documentation. This creates a sort of pain for the customer. It’s important for our employees to be aware of these pain points, so that in their daily work they will think about how they can improve the experience for the customer,” she says.

The 2017 Deloitte Shared Services, GBS & BPO Conference took place 21 and 22 November 2017 in Vienna. In 2018, the conference will be held in Prague. The conference is a “must attend” for CFOs, Financial Controllers, Shared Services Heads, Global Business Service Leaders, BPO Contract Managers, CIOs, Global Process Owners and HR Leaders.


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