Deloitte and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Powerful. Proven. Possible.

Leveraging Deloitte's deep industry experience and the leading-edge capabilities of AWS, we can guide you through your cloud migration process step-by-step. Deloitte can help you see—and realize the value of—all that cloud can be, supported by deep technical capabilities, a track record of cross-industry success, and a dedicated team of AWS-certified professionals.

Deloitte + AWS amplified value

Deloitte and AWS bring a holistic approach to our clients' business transformations. Before we design and orchestrate innovative solutions that leverage AWS technologies, our first step is to understand what our clients are confronting along with the compliance, governance, data analytics, cyber risk, and regulatory issues that may be pertinent to not only meeting but exceeding expectations.

Whether you want to start by migrating existing workloads to the cloud or by immediately taking advantage of what cloud has to offer with some native cloud app modernization or development, we are ready to engage. From enhancing your infrastructure and quickly migrating legacy apps to launching new cloud-native apps and scaling as your needs evolve, we can help you solve key technology and business challenges that lead to a return on investment.

Cloud Migration

Migrating enterprise workloads to the cloud can deliver greater agility and enhanced business performance. When done right, cloud adoption can increase your speed to innovate, enable cloud security controls to protect your assets, and offer transformative opportunities for your business. However, cloud migration is often a manual, costly, and time-consuming process that taxes IT resources resulting in business disruption and downtime.

Deloitte’s specialized knowledge and strong collaboration with AWS help assist you with the assess, plan, migrate, and cutover stages of your mass migration journey so you can unlock business value. Whether you are interested in leveraging AWS infrastructure, analytics, machine learning, or Internet of Things (IoT) to build and orchestrate business solutions, Deloitte is ready to help you take advantage of AWS's innovative technology services.

Why migrate to the cloud?

The cloud is both a means to and an important consequence of data modernization. Survey responses indicate that the cloud is already a dominant location for data storage. More than nine in 10 organizations (91 percent) primarily keep their data on cloud platforms. Of the remaining nine percent that primarily keep their data on premise, nearly all plan to migrate to the cloud. What’s more, on average, 57 percent of the surveyed organizations’ businesses are actually operating on the cloud, meaning that all their important applications and data are on it. That’s saying a lot, since many organizations —including the financial services firms in the survey, often have to keep some applications and data on premise for regulatory reasons.

It is possible to pursue only on-premise modernization projects, but given that many firms are moving data to the cloud, they often put it on modernized platforms at the same time. This makes the cloud a non-negotiable part of data modernization. The cloud/modernization connection is strongly apparent to survey respondents: 55 percent see data modernization as a key component of or reason for cloud migration. It is second only to security and data protection. The C-level respondents actually rank it the highest as a rationale, with 65 percent overall saying it is a driver of cloud migration.

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