Managing the business of IT with Technology Business Management

Do you know how you use your IT spending? Can you explain it to your business?

By implementing the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework, you can create a common language for IT, finance, and business departments to join forces in value conversations to get the most value from your IT spending. All based on a foundation of transparency in cost enabling fact-based decision-making. The TBM framework is governed by a non-profit organisation making it a standard method in all industries and geographies.


To Spend Or Not To Spend? The Importance of Transparency and Technology Business Frameworks in Controlling IT Spend
Using TBM, organisations can open the black box of IT cost and engage in value conversations to improve current operations, make the right decisions and prepare the business for the future. CIO, CFO, and CEO share an important role to manage technology. Doing this right is imperative to succeed. Read the publication and gain more knowledge about TBM.

Deloitte's Technology Business Management Services 
Deloitte's Technology Business Management services can help you maximise the value of IT spend and support your TBM journey. Read about our service areas within TBM.

Technology Business Management. IT: from cost generator to value creator
If you want some easily accessible information about TBM, Deloitte’s TBM services, and how an implementation could look like, please read our pamphlet about TBM.

What is TBM?

In many industries, IT is already or soon to become a major part of the business strategy, and with the constant development of new technology disrupting organisations, we see the demand for transparency in IT spending in all industries. We experience that many business leaders lack insights needed to make the right decisions related to IT. Decisions regarding IT investments or choosing the right vendor of IT services are important for the financial performance of an organisation. As we see the challenges and opportunities becoming still more complex, the value of having solid evidence and data to support decision-making is more important than ever.

Deloitte helps organisations in all industries with their TBM journey through inception, initial design/evaluation, implementation, adoption and harvesting the value through use cases. We are the largest consulting firm in Denmark in terms of ongoing projects, references, and number of certified TBMA consultants. We also have a centre of excellence and a solid European organisation, which ensures that we can help along the entire TBM journey and gives us international reach. We understand that all organisations are different so our projects are always tailored to match the needs of our clients.

The TBM Journey

• Proof of concept/proof of value
• Design TBM management model
• Tool evaluation and selection
• TBM maturity assessment, strategic roadmap and prioritized use cases

• Implementation of TBM tools
• Build integration and data management processes
• Drive change to ERP systems or other operational systems

• Establish TBM Office and governance
• Enhance TBM roadmap and drive change management
• Continual use-case development
• TBM-as-a-service

One-off analyses
• Quality assurance and review
• Sourcing business cases
• Cloud business cases
• Application rationalisation

Relationship with TBM Solution Providers
Deloitte can help clients on their TBM journey by utilising its experience and skill set in Advisory & Consulting to implement a TBM solution.

Deloitte has marketplace relationships with many technology vendors within the TBM field, where Deloitte implements the technical solution in a seamless collaboration of the client and the TBM software provider. 

Deloitte has the TBM functional and technical experience as well as managing and change management expertise required performing an implementation. We work with the latest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools including data management, costing model, reporting and visualisation. 

Getting started
Becoming top of the class in terms of working with TBM is not a quick nor easy task. However, you do not have to spend a lot of time and resources to reap significant benefits from using TBM in your organisation. You will be surprised to see how much is actually possible when using existing data and committing relatively small amounts of time and resources. If you need assistance, we can give you the boost to kick-start your journey or help you develop your existing model.

Want to know more?
Do you need assistance or simply a non-committal talk, feel free to contact our experts.

If you want to know more about the TBM Council, please visit their website.

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