Partnerships for the global goals

NGO’s and civil society

Effective partnerships across sectors are key to accelerate action towards the SDG’s. The difficult reality of many NGO’s on the ground calls for innovative solutions to challenges too complex to tackle by one sector alone. The global goals make up a unique platform to align action and work in partnerships across sectors.

Forming new alliances

The SDG’s allow NGO’s and civil society organizations to fundamentally redefine their relationship with businesses and other actors, often moving from collaborations based on corporate donations and marketing opportunities, to transformational partnerships designed for impact.

New strategic alliances between NGO’s and businesses enhance the possibility of addressing systemic challenges like climate change, poverty or health, while at the same time strengthening impact and bringing benefits to all partners involved.

How Deloitte can help

Deloitte helps clients to improve their strategic and organizational strength, and to ensure financial stability and sustainability through growth and innovation. Our services include building the financial overview, providing guidance and tools for how your organization can work with business relationships, and designing new models for attracting private donors.

Further, we help clients in formulating new value propositions, which incorporates the value added to both businesses and the organization.

SDG 17 – Partnerships for change 

The SDG’s point to significant systemic challenges. Sustainable solutions depend on new alliances between civil society organizations and business. However, despite the fact that partnerships are an invaluable part of achieving the SDG’s, these partnerships face several obstacles.

In recognition of the crucial role that cross-sector partnerships have to play in achieving the SDG agenda and goal 17 Partnerships for change, in 2016, the Red Cross and Deloitte launched a Guideline and a toolbox for how to build robust and value-adding partnerships at the global, regional or local level.

Bahare Haghshenas

Bahare Haghshenas

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