Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving the SDGs heavily depends on innovation and new ways of doing things across all sectors and domains. No single business or organisation can develop the required solutions alone – everyone must contribute. Deloitte help clients tap into their inherent innovation potential, by identifying and developing new solutions, growth paths, partnership models, products or services that deliver on the SDGs.

Our approach

The SDGs represent unresolved challenges that require transformational solutions that go beyond incremental innovation. SDG innovation includes finding new solutions to complex problems by employing break-through technology, adopting new mindsets, changing business models, accommodating changes in the surrounding environment, entering untapped markets, adjusting production patterns, delivering new or better services, or improving existing processes and collaboration models. 

Looking through the lens of sustainable development, innovation can be a catalyst for future growth and a way to adapt business and organisations to the changing needs of people, planet and economies worldwide.

In Deloitte, we use the SDGs as a lever for identifying innovative solutions to societal or business challenges in collaboration with our clients. We run longer innovation processes, facilitate innovation labs and hackathons, and we help clients qualify the societal and economic potential of of innovations.

Bahare Haghshenas

Bahare Haghshenas

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