SAP Supply Chain Transformations

How do you ensure a successful SAP journey when transforming your supply chain operations and making them future proof? This is where our extensive supply chain expertise combined with SAP technology enters the picture. We build the bridge between business operations and IT ensuring that your business transformation follows SAP best practice with the adaptations needed for your business operation to excel. System implementation will never transform operations in itself. In order to gain true business value and anchor changes in your end-to-end supply chain operation, you need people that speak both the business and IT language to advise and guide you on your SAP journey.

Our business model
Deloitte’s business model for supporting SAP transformations is to mix our offerings into a multidisciplinary model to provide you with the best resources in the areas required for your SAP journey. In the supply chain area, this is no exception Our supply chain SAP implementation services bridge our supply chain advisory expertise and supply chain SAP implementation expertise with our overall SAP transformation services? We get excited when we can help shaping your future supply chain models and processes ensuring they will fit into the bigger perspective of an SAP and organisational change.

Next generation supply chain model
Digital capabilities are disrupting the traditional supply chain operations model. A rapidly evolving landscape raises new questions regarding the nature of more complex and tightly integrated supply networks supported by SAP and other emerging technologies. These dynamic and interconnected systems concurrently plan, execute and enable digital supply chains. This requires a next-generation supply chain model, which is a framework that Deloitte has developed to guide your end-to-end supply chain transformation to success. Our SAP supply chain transformation services are based on these processes linking process excellence to your future SAP supply chain solutions (SAP SCM).


What we deliver

We typically channel our supply chain and SAP expertise into the following areas in SAP-related projects:

• Supply chain advisory
• Business architecture
• Functional taxonomies
• SAP SCM – project management
• SAP SCM – architecture
• SAP SCM – advisory services
• SAP SCM – design
• Design authority
• External integration
• Master data.

Stefan Glar-Hammarsund

Stefan Glar-Hammarsund

Partner | DC Supply Chain & Network Operations

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