Supply chain resilience report 2022

Resilience is as important as ever in the changing world of disruptions. Deloitte’s report from our Supply Chain Panel survey about resilience reveals that More than 3 of 4 respondents value resilience in their company as important.

It’s no secret that the many black swan events of 2020, 2021 and 2022 have highlighted the vulnerable nature of many global supply chains. Spurred by disruptive events (pandemic, geopolitical dynamics, transportation capacity constraints, labour shortage, war, inflation and the energy crisis), many companies have worked hard to reconfigure and refine their overall supply chain strategy by taking a more holistic view of risks and resilience. 

“Working with supply chain transformation every day, we definitely see the increased focus on resilience amongst our Danish and Nordic clients. Almost all our projects have a target to improve resilience, most of them also includes increased collaboration and digitalization. Even the cloudy economic outlook that lies ahead does not reduce that demand, and it shouldn’t either. Resilience is necessary to stay in the game in the future”.

Deloitte’s supply chain resilience report brings insightful information about the characteristics of a resilient supply chain and the most influential enablers of creating a resilient supply chain. Additionally, it presents the most and least popular actions taken to increase the resilience of supply chains in current markets in the last 3 years, and those planned to be taken in the next 3 years. Furthermore, the report includes four tips for a resilient supply chain from the supply chain panel participants.

The survey was distributed to participants in Deloitte’s supply chain panel in November 2022, while the report was published in December 2022.

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