The power of Tax Data Analytics

Top 10 things you need to know about Tax Data Analytics

Deloitte Tax is leading the transformation: Data analytics is a means of supplying decision makers with relevant data so that they can make more informed decisions. Change your mindset from “what I need to do” to “what I need to know” and explore how Deloitte Tax can pave the way to the transformation of your tax department with analytics.

Infographic tax data analytics

Did you know?

  • Only 14% of tax departments are focused on analytics and using core data to drive effectiveness and strategy.
  • Only 13% of tax departments say they are very active in using compliance data generated to perform analytics and drive value to the organization.
  • 29% of tax departments find the biggest challenge in executing an analytics strategy is integration with IT department and technology tools, another 29% say lack of talent and required skillset, and another 29% say budget constraints/unclear ROI.
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