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TMT Predictions 2020

What does the future hold for technology, media and telecommunications?

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Every year, Deloitte analyses the latest developments in technology, media, and telecommunications and here we present our 2020 TMT Predictions – looking around the corner to help you see what’s coming, expect the unexpected, and keep your business moving forward.

Industrial 5G

5G's new standards for enterprise will open the floodgates to a host of previously infeasible applications, allowing for industrial-scale internet-of-things networks in factories, warehouses, ports, and more.

  • Deloitte predicts that 5G could overtake wired networks in industrial environments over the next two decades.
  • It will allow factories, logistics centres and ports to go wireless, enabling the reinvention of processes and business models.
  • 5G will create a swathe of new business possibilities, changing how entire industries operate, as well as bringing commercial opportunities for suppliers.

Robots on the move

Robots are transforming businesses, and the market will not only get bigger, it will also change shape. While industrial robots, like those used in factories, will continue to grow in volume, it’s the ones used for service work that will really start to show their mettle.

  • Deloitte predicts that one million robots will be sold for enterprise use in 2020, generating $34 billion in revenue.
  • Anticipating use cases and ROI will be an important task for strategists ‒ both for those who make and sell robots, and for those who use them.

The rise of podcasting

The audiobook and podcasting markets are growing far faster than the overall media and entertainment market. Our podcast habits are very much like our radio habits: we listen while driving, travelling, working or studying, or while simply lazing about; and we favour entertainment, comedy and talk shows. However, podcasts tend to attract younger listeners, with the vast majority of podcasts being consumed through smartphones.

  • Deloitte predicts that the global podcast market will see 30 percent year-on-year revenue growth to $1.1 billion in 2020.
  • Expect to see their increased use by media outlets to drive loyalty and engagement among users preferring on-demand content.

"NPUs is a small portion of the mobile phone chip, dedicated to machine learning and AI. This chip will allow us to change the way we live"
Duncan Steward

The smartphone add-ons

From selfie sticks and ringtones to mobile ads and apps, the market for smartphone apps, accessories, and ancillary devices is almost as big as the market for smartphones themselves—and it's likely to continue growing fast in the medium term.

  • Deloitte predicts that the smartphone add-ons will drive $459 billion of revenue globally in 2020.
  • Multipliers offer wide-ranging commercial opportunities now smartphone adoption is plateauing.

"Deloitte predicts that electrical bikes will be a gamechanger. They are reducing traffic in rush hour, reducing emissions and are getting people to exercise. The electrical bike is poised for growth."
Duncan Steward


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