The Smartphone universe

The smartphone penetration is nearly complete, which means fertile ground for the growth of complementary markets such as Internet of Things devices and smartphone accessories.

With smartphone penetration of 92 per cent in 2019, it is fair to say that there is a smartphone in every Nordic consumer’s pocket. However, previous years’ annual growth of smartphone sales seem to have peaked and are likely to slow down in the years to come, limited by phone replacement rates.

Smartphone penetration
Which, if any, of the following devices do you own or have ready access to - Smartphone

Please welcome the Internet of Things

This high penetration of smartphones enables a wide range of new complementary markets. We are seeing this in the Internet of Things (IoT) segment as well as in the accessories market where gadgets and add-on utilities are becoming a bigger part of our everyday life. Three out of four consumers have at least one connected IoT device. Not surprisingly, men tend to own more connected devices than women (81 % vs. 74 %).

Ownership of IoT Devices
Which, if any, of the following connected devices do you own or have ready access to?

Entertain me

Over half of Nordic consumers have a smart TV and ownership of video streaming devices, such as Chromecast, is growing. There is still a low ownership rate of voice-assisted speakers (5 %), but this is still five times higher than in 2017. This is likely due to the hard marketing launch of such devices by electronic retailers in the Nordics as well as new partnerships forming, with Ikea and Sonos as examples.

Weekly usage of IoT devices
When was the last time you used each device. Was it within the...?

Are accessories for everyone?

Accessory ownership is clearly correlated to age. Younger smartphone owners have more accessories, and ownership decreases as age goes up. This is not surprising as we see the same trend for use frequency. Younger segments are heavier users of their phones. For instance, we see that for all apps listed in the survey, respondents aged 18-24 report higher hourly use than older respondents. Heavier use is likely to induce consumers to protect their phones, extend battery life and generally have a better experience.

Accessories ownership
Which of these accessories/services for your phone do you own?

Men tend to be quicker to buy and use new smartphone accessories than women. They also own more smartphone “gadgets’’ such as wireless accessories, power banks and memory cards, while women own more safety accessories such as phone cases and screen protectors.

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