Which technologies will impact your business?

Deloitte’s 11th annual Tech Trends report provides the insights and inspiration you will need for the digital journey ahead.

The next stage of digital’s evolution welcomes us with the promise of emotionally intelligent interfaces and hyperintuitive cognitive capabilities that will transform business in unpredictable ways.

We begin Tech Trends 2020 with a timely update on the nine macro technology forces we examined in last year’s report. These forces — digital experience, analytics, cloud, core modernization, risk, the business of technology, digital reality, cognitive, and blockchain — form the technology foundation upon which organizations will build the future. This year’s update takes a fresh look at enterprise adoption of these macro forces and how they’re shaping the trends that we predict will disrupt businesses over the next 18 to 24 months. We also look at three technologies that will likely become macro forces in their own right:

  • Ambient experience
  • Exponential intelligence and
  • Quantum

Explore all the trends and cases in our Tech Trends 2020 universe

Explore all the trends and cases 

Tech Trends 2020 universe
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