Andreas Kryger Jensen

Senior Manager

Andreas Kryger Jensen

Weidekampsgade 6

2300 København S


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Andreas is an environmental strategist at Monitor Deloitte Nordics. He has over 15 years’ experience working with strategic and economic development of the private and public sector. Andreas helps companies design climate and business strategies, develop new products/services and business models, implement climate-efficient operating models, find ways to minimize and handle waste in production and post-consumption. Andreas always focuses on the commercial side of strategies to make sure that the sustainability initiatives are also financially sustainable.

Andreas also helps governmental institutions design regulation and organizations that can fulfil economic or policy goals in the circular economy area. Andreas is an expert in waste management systems, extended producer responsibility and circular economy regulation. Andreas helps governments design regulation, design organizational and governance structures, build target operating models and much more.

Andreas Kryger Jensen