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Macron ordinances: Significant revision of the French labor law

Webcast in englischer Sprache | 14. Februar, 12:00 – 1:00 PM CET (GMT +1)

Ordinances reforming French employment law were issued on 23 September 2017, with a view to providing more security and more flexibility to work relationships between employers and employees, as well as simplifying some French employment law provisions. As part of these ordinances, we will discuss a number of measures impacting a wide range of employment law subject matters, including:

  • New rules governing the grounds of dismissals.
  • Statutory definition of the framework to assess the economic ground of dismissal, the elimination of the redeployment obligation abroad and the simplification of the redeployment offers.
  • Implementation of a scale to determine the amount of damages to be granted by the judges in case of a wrongful dismissal.
  • Reduction of the statute of limitation of court actions in case of claims for wrongful termination.
  • Possibility to enter into a collective bargaining agreement resulting into employees’ voluntary departures without application of the redundancy legislation.
  • Possibility to enter into a collective bargaining agreement to modify the employees’ contractual terms and conditions related to remuneration, working time, place of work, and job description.
  • Merger of the current staff representative bodies (Staff Delegates, Works Council, and Health and Safety Committee) into one single Social and Economic Committee (CSE).

Learn more to get practical ideas on how these ordinances will impact day-to-day work relationships in France.

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