„Block4Log“ - Deloitte advises on blockchain-based digitization of load carriers

Cross-company blockchain solution

Deloitte advises well-known companies from various industries on "Block4Log", a Project for the digitalization of load carrier management through blockchain technology. The goal is a blockchain-based solution that enables a digital, transparent and efficient process.

The "Block4Log" Project is a cross-company blockchain project for the digitalization of pallet exchange and load carrier management. The goal of the Project is to develop a blockchain-based, market-ready, neutral solution to manage the previously very complex, paper-based exchange of varying load carriers in a digital, transparent and efficient manner. The aim is to - through linking standard-setting with blockchain technology - create compatibility and synergy effects and develop a solution that supports different use cases, meets the needs of as many market participants as possible and reduces costs. The retail companies Colruyt, Edeka, Markant, Lidl as well as the gardening company Ulenburg, the production companies Henkel, Mars and Vitakraft, the logistics companies DHL, Nagel-Group, Paki Logistics and Thermotraffic as well as the technology companies Conet, DB System, European EPC Competence Center (EECC), Lufthansa Industry Solutions and SAP are participating in the Project. GS1 Germany, as a neutral platform, is responsible for project management.

Deloitte advises the Project "Block4Log" on strategic, operational and legal aspects.

The Project aims to develop a digital, market-ready, state-of-the-art infrastructure for the logistics and supply chain ecosystem that enables tamper-proof and decentralized management of transactions in real time with veracity and accepted balances defined for all. Debts on load carriers become tradable and can be used more efficiently in real life, "at the ramp". At the same time, this will lay the foundations for future automation approaches. Block4Log is open to all participants and neutral, prioritizing common interests instead of singular company interests.

Currently, working groups are developing the topic of decentralized exchange of load carriers and are working out the requirements for a solution from the process and logistics perspective. Deloitte supports the development of a common "off-chain governance" and guiding principles, which cover the orientation of the use case as well as organizational and legal issues. In this context, and always with the goal of creating a holistic governance model, Deloitte supports, among other things, in the analysis of the status quo of off-chain governance, strategic planning and planning for operationalization, as well as the derivation and appropriate mapping and implementation of the key development potentials.

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