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Forum Juris 3/16 – Business Law. Up to Date.

Brexit: “German” Limited – unlimited? | Reform of German zoning laws | Redemption of shares in a German GmbH

Current Court Decisions and other Legal Topics: Evidence of power of representation of the director of a UK PLC | Subscriber’s rescission in the event of a failed share capital increase | Liability of a Director of a UK Limited for payments resulting in a reduction of insolvency assets pursuant to German law and more


Forum Juris provides you with an overview of current court decisions and other legal topics of high practical relevance.

The latest edition features:

  • Brexit: “German” Limited – unlimited?
  • Corporate restructuring projects and Brexit – time to act now?
  • Reform of German zoning laws – Urban Area
  • Extension of a contract with the Managing Director
  • The transfer of shares by way of anticipated inheritance leads to forfeiture of loss carry-forwards
  • Redemption of shares in a German GmbH and remaining shareholders’ contingent liability for compensation payments
  • Legal consequences of concealed temporary personnel leasing
  • Statutory changes to sec. 309 no. 13 German Civil Code
  • Inability to work during exemption from work duties after dismissal
  • New law against corruption in healthcare

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