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After the expansion of the European Union, and especially after several Eastern Europe Member States joined the European Union, Russia took a step closer towards the heart of Europe – not only geographically but also on a business level. The German-Russian cooperation is better developed than ever before. This can be clearly seen from the transaction volume between the two countries, which has increased every year to reach a record value, as well as from the German companies, which are currently conducting business in Russia.

At the same time, the European countries are forced by globalization to find new markets for their products and business development. In the context of this challenge, cooperation with Russia and the creation of additional manufacturing capacities increasingly become important for German companies. Currently, every fourth medium-sized business is already active in BRIC-countries amongst which Russia is the most important export market.

The risk of investing in Russia may however not be underestimated. With more than 100 nationalities, Russia is the country with the most different ethnic groups worldwide. Businesspeople therefore quickly discover that Russia is not only geographically, but also culturally the border between Asia and Occident. The factors influencing the success of business are various and can often only be foreseen by experts with experience gained in Russia.

The attorneys of our Russian Desk have longstanding experience in advising: Russian companies in Germany Russian investors regarding their market entry in Germany clients concerning Russian-German restructuring measures German companies regarding their projects in Russia.

Our multinational Russian Desk is a contact-point for Russian and German investors, who are active in the German-Russian market or who have the intention to become active in Russia. Our Russian-speaking attorneys as well as our colleagues from the Russian Deloitte Legal team are prepared to draft contracts, legal documentation and correspondence as well as to take part in negotiations with clients and their contract partners.

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